This is WHY WE DO IT! Cruiser PARADISE - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 236

Publicerades den 27 sep 2019
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We find our own deserted island in the Bahamas! The Ragged Islands are a magical spot :)
Crystal clear water, white sand beaches, no internet and no other people. Spending endless days, kiting, snorkeling, foil-boarding and just soaking up the sun.
Editing this footage really made me miss this incredible spot.
Hope you like! Lots of love ~ Kazza and the crew
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Time: 00:22
Song: Ramukanji (Remix)
Artist: Onetox
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Time: 00:43
Song: Like You
Artist: Velveteen
Time: 04:48
Song: Sand Under My
Artist: SAINT WKND, No Spirit
Link: Music by Chillhop: WKND, No Spirit + Sand Under My): WKND, No SpiritListed on Spotify:
Time: 09:25
Song: You're Onto Somethin'
Artist: The Grateful 7
Time: 11:35
Song: Andra Langgatan
Artist: Par
Time: 12:47
Song: Older Now
Artist: Rospigg
Time: 15:50
Song: Angel's Landing
Artist: Brock Berrigan
Link: Music by Chillhop: Berrigan + Angel's Landing): BerriganListed on Spotify:
Time: 19:13
Song: Tender Islands
Artist: Bozooka
Time: 20:06
Song: Cold Steel Hands
Artist: Willows Young Crow


  • I love the way you take time to play when it is just the four of you. I understand that the work comes after when you are editing, but thank you so much. I wish I had taken more time to play when I was young.

  • Plastic is the bane of our world! To see this island covered with so much plastic is just sad.

  • Lil puppy dog gonna come give you a bump lol

  • Watching them makes me think I’m chasing the wrong ship

  • Did you guys just found the body of Wilson @ 6:53?

  • Drive through Nevada if you dont wanna see people! Lol

  • Why isn’t this my life😣😳

  • Brian.... what is the depth of your draft/keel...??

  • Awesome, great shot of the milky way.

  • Stuart, FL my hometown beach, some guy was Kiteboarding and got ate by sharks... You are moving like a prey item and they are biting you to see what you are when you go down. ;) Word to the Wise

  • .

  • Brady looks best with long hair like in Capetown-Namibia...please!!

  • wow! more pics of the Milky Way!

  • Oh how I want to go to the ragged islands! I need about a month there!

  • Proper, family is best.....

  • Best kite surfing instructors ever, SHARKS LURKING😂😂

  • Plastic does not go away, practically it never will. Thanks for trying to inform everyone. Still catching up on ALL of your videos. Thanks for being you.

  • Always wondered about the sharks. Sand, sun, and sharks. One of these things is NOT like the other...

  • This is why I watch this channel. Not for the drunken parties or tourist attractions. These moments of absolute peace and tranquility is what really appeals to me.

  • Ah its such a very cute adventure and nature enjoyment while sailing.! #Tranquility #KeyToSuccess #EnjoyingWhatYouDo

  • What a great thing to see Brian the reluctant leader.

  • Woahhh the ionized dust from the meteor is insane!

  • OMG I love these videos, they fill my heart with pure JOY!!!

  • this makes me happy

  • No internet u like it surprising in this modern days how can u survive without internet fr 1day....

  • Woh...another great video, it gets better every time...I have been there Kazaa with your pea 🍜 situation, I will take seconds! Also Alex Blue, I need a desperate hair trim...I’ll fly you over 😂😂 right now... be safe, Cheers 🥂

  • Foiling looks great! Less shock on the knees... check out Wind foiling. ...may just be my next adventure for when I can’t fly.

  • Anybody else missing the “Previously on Delos” catch up? Kinda just confirms you are on the correct episode... SElists has thrown me out of sequence more than once. 😡😳😘

  • that kitesurfing spot is off the scale on the coolness level ! thanks for sharing :)

  • Great job with the video. You take me back 2 decades ago when I lived as you do. The beauty is as I remember but so much better when you are actually living it. I am an old lady now in my 60’s and so thankful that I experienced it. Hold your memories tight. Sweet sailing. Thank you.

  • 12.47 - Brian “here we go”. Queue awesome baseline from Rospigg!!! Love you guys...

  • Missing Brady so much I'm re watching old episodes lol

  • A Joy to watch !!!

  • Any of the crew of Delos I would sail with. You know everything needed to run a sailboat rope rly, safely and have fun and knowledge. I admire how you so openly you befriend people of the countries you visit. I also marvel at your electrical knowledge. Given the chance, I would sail anywhere with you. I would like to buy your special shirt. Ow do I do that? Clear sailing, Herb Ross

    • Go to and look at their merchandise.

  • With every tear my soul cries, the oceans gain a friend.

  • What amazing photography. Thanks to all of you

  • Good ep. Great Edit.

  • I already bought one...also...I want to pay you...5.00 per month...all @ once via PayPal...because of the trouble I had with the Patron's Guys...tell me how to do it...thanks Rob

  • Brady Brian...You should always put the date...the year on the shirts on the garments...Rob

  • What motor boat is that you have there ? -Looks like it has similar stability of a zodiac - but low maintenance and unaffected by solar uv light.

  • you changed my life

  • Kazza why are your pupils alway so big ?? I know it’s not drugs 😂😂

  • Women in their core will always feel like prey ... no mater where they go/no matter what they do/ and no matter who they insist on changing ( all that metoo -politically correct - compelled speech is a waste of time/energy ) ... they will always feel afraid.

  • Wow! Another great episode that puts you in that Zen like cruising zone! Music is on point!

  • Well done Delos More night MilkyWay please.... Cheers

  • I don’t know if you’ve ever thought of itI know I never thought of it. But if you watch free range sailing they eat those rays and they actually say they’re delicious. The reason they eat them every now and then is because there’s so many of them that They feel like their sustaining the fish population by eating rays every now and then I want to try it but haven’t

  • Now that it’s just blue and Brady on the boat I think that that would be a good one to watch again if I saw it I just don’t remember how they met

  • I’ve been searching through all the videos and I think I’ve seen probably about 80% but there are some of them that I have never seen. Although I keep giving you lots and lots of clicks in my search, what video number did blue get on the boat I just wondered because I’m looking for that video to see how they met and I think it would be a good one

  • Please remember while in the middle America’s, the Caribbean,that Lion Fish are a terrible invasive non native problem. They have no known predators and as soon as they move into an area they kill all Native fish! They are very good to eat! But kill every single one you see whether eaten or not! Or the next time you come back every fish on the reef will be gone! No natural fish left! Does not apply in African waters!!!!

  • BURN THE PLASTIC !! When faced with the extremely difficult question of what to do with the plastic your hands are tied! You can’t carry it! You can’t collect it! Burying it really does not help because storms will wash it up! If you leave it turtles will eat it and die! The only reasonable option is to burn it in as hot of a bond fire as you can make. The heat from wood, palm fronds, paper trash, dried grasses and other plant material will quickly reduce the plastic to a decomposable tar. That will prevent turtles and other wild life from eating the plastic and dying. The small amount of air pollution is so negligible it is worth saving the turtles.

  • 🙌🏼 nice!

  • First, why the heck did you not show us more of that milky way???? Second, What in the heck was that flash and smoke @ 23:27 lower part of screen!!!

  • 4ocean if you will help is with a way to take it away us sailors will clean!

  • Blue you and jazz’s are both so dam beautiful and hot

  • This is my fourth attempt to notify you about a serious issue that should be cleared up - Did you give permission for that SElists conspiratard jackass "Free Man" to use your footage on his channel? He posted an idiotic new video yesterday involving climate change denial on his channel. @7RLo His thumbnail is the image of the captain's brother.

  • You wake up and you're not by your selves. You're with Brady and Blue which ruins it.

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  • Such an amazing Video ! We hope that we are able to experience similar Scenery one day 😍. You are a good source of Inspiration !

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  • keep up the goodnerss delos! You are my guiding light! i hope to join you shortly! See you on the sea of freedom!

  • Terrific star pictures!

  • Beautiful video f the secluded Island & loves the music 🌺♥️⛵️

  • Blue your night TL was great and meteor shot. Please more, more, more

  • Bugs are Protein

  • Those milky Way shots were BEAutiful. Thanks Delos! Cheers

  • wow, that Milkyway shot was amazing!!!

  • Really enjoying the solitude of your (and the crew) adventures. Bring the SV Delos to Europe someday and visit the archipelago of Gulf of Finland at summer time. Definitely no clear water, but more islands you have seen at your adventures combined so far. Keep it going and all the best for the new member of crew. Greetz from Finland (rain season is starting and the slush is coming) ;)

  • The night video at the very end was amazing. Would love to see more of that. I think one of my favorite videos is where the young islander was kiteboarding and he would jump the bridge. Also, when Kazz had a birthday a couple of years ago and the one young man was playing a song for her on his guitar for her birthday.

  • I'm sure you guys have seen it, but did you notice the smoke trail after the vaporizing meteor slowly blowing away!!?? Amazing! Great camera! Never seen that before! You guys always create so many firsts!!!!

  • I’ve been to plenty of lovely places: Lombok, Vietnam, New Mexico being standouts. But the most memorable place I’ve been is Eleuthera island in the Bahamas. You’d never think somewhere so close to the eastern seaboard of the US could feel so remote. Great vid capturing this feeling! Super jeally too! :)

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  • Damn good video work from the drones and other angles

  • Brian sez: "Mornin kids... what game do we want to play today?" Crew sez: "I dunno dad, what game do we want to play today?" Brian sez: : "I know! Lets Kiteboard!!" Crew sez: "YEAH... That sounds like fun!!!"

  • Awesome spot!! So jealous of the solitude.

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  • Plastic Pollution is so depressing :(

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  • @ 11:11. Every human eating processed foods, has eaten insects. I was told by an insider, if you enjoy food, don't watch it being processed.

  • I have subscribed to your channel years ago then agian two months ago when I noticed I was somehow unsubscribed. I looked agian today and yet agian I was not subscribed. This has been happening a lot with my channel also. 😞 please know I will keep checking as I adore your videos! Being a diver and sail when I was a teenager you guys are our relaxation! After hard week at work and doing videos we relax with your journey’s every weekend and often watched each episode countless times! Just dropping line to say this is happening to us as well . Once again can’t wait till Friday’s for your uploads ! Hope all is great with You all keep sailing so we can all keep dreaming of being there💗

  • Hey guys! Fellow cruiser and vid maker here, just wanted to say nice video, maybe we'll see you out on the big blue someday! Keep it up!

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  • Living vicariously through you guys on these amazing islands.

  • Hello Captain Breeyawn and his wife Kazza! All right with you? My name is Vernon and my wife is Angelica, our whatsap number is: +55 18 991445126. We follow, we are subscribed to your youtube channel! Through you, we are getting to know wonderful places! God bless you wherever you go! Amen?

  • Hello guys! All right with you? My wife and I love their video adventures, and through them, we are seeing wonderful places! once again, congratulations on the pregnancy, because a child changes, restores, unites another couple! May this child come in very healthy, so brightens the life of parents! God bless you wherever you go! Amen?

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  • Alex, You are the first person who has ask the question I always wonder, "How much of the plastic is from Hurricanes?" I agree that we are smart enough to come up with something better than plastics, but often I see people just blame it on lazy people tossing plastic into the sea. Nice to see someone really looking at other possible root causes to a problem.

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